Common Ailments From Car Wrecks

Car companies these days put a lot of time and effort into making their vehicles as safe as possible. We now have cameras that offer a 360 degree view around the vehicle, lane change notification systems just in case we didn’t mean to cross the center line, emergency braking capabilities, back up cameras and so much more to keep us safer on the road than ever before. You can read about some of the safety features that come standard on popular models at Despite all of these valient efforts, people still get hurt every day in car wrecks. While some crashes cause extensive injuries, common fender benders can cause a few of these ailments typically found in car wreck victims.

Whiplash and other neck injuries are often the most common type of conditions associated with having been in a car accident. These injuries are caused by the abrupt stopping of the vehicle despite your body’s forward momentum. Neck injuries can be very painful and often require a doctor’s care to heal properly.

It’s also very common for vehicle accident victims to walk away from the scene with minor to serious abrasions and cuts. These can be caused my impact into hard surfaces of the car, an air bag deployment or by items in the car being thrown about from the force of the collision. These can range in severity and many may heal on their own. Oftentimes they might requires a few stiches from an urgent care facility or emergency room.

The force from two cars colliding can easily send a passengers head into the dashboard, windo or other hard surfaces in the car. These impacts can cause significant head injuries ranging from concussion to brain damage. It’s important to be very aware of any symptoms you have in the moments and days following a crash. Head injuries need medical attention and they can get much worse very quickly.